Homemade instant lunch mixes


Cost: Varies
Success rating: 4/5 so far…

I used to spend quite a bit on instant lunches – noodles mixes and soups and things like that. Some soup bowls were as cheap as 99 cents, but I figured I could do things even cheaper. And better.

I went to Famous Foods in Vancouver, which has a good selection of freeze-dried, dehydrated and powdered ingredients like backpackers would use. I also used powdered soup stock, garlic, herbs, parmesan cheese and other things from around my kitchen.

Minute rice and couscous work perfectly. Vermicelli noodles work well too. Egg noodles need to be rinsed first to get rid of that egg-noodley taste. It’s best to cook and drain the pasta before putting on the seasoning. I do this in the microwave and in a glassware container with a lid that clamps on. I undo a couple of the clamps to drain the water.

I’ve had mixed success with my recipes. I’ll post some as I refine them.


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