Homemade instant lunch mixes – What I’ve learned so far


I’m into my fourth week of homemade lunches. For the most part, it’s been a success! It can get a little boring, so it’s important that I buy lunch once in a while so I don’t start to begrudge my instant lunches.

So far I’ve made a general rice seasoning,  dried tomato pesto, coconut curry, and a soup mix vaguely comparable to minestrone. Vaguely.

Once I get the recipes down, I will start posting them.



  • Add nuts, cheese, seeds, and dried bean flakes for protein
  • Round out the flavour with vegetables. Look in bulk bins for carrots, potato and onion flakes
  • Herbs will also liven things up, especially if you aren’t able to find dried vegetables
  • You could probably add dried fruit if you’re into that kind of thing
  • Mercilessly rip off ideas from store-bought instant lunch packages. If you don’t know what an ingredient is, you probably don’t need it
  • Use instant rice or couscous if you have access to hot water but no microwave
  • Microwave vermicelli, egg noodles, and other noodles that cook quickly
  • Drain egg noodles before you eat them
  • Buy a couple resealable containers for the seasoning mixes, and a glassware bowl for heating the noodles or rice, with a clamp-on lid for easy draining
  • Give yourself a variety of mixes to choose from during the week
  • Write down your recipe and note what needs improvement



  • Put the noodles/rice and the mix together. Sometimes you’ll need to cook the noodles/rice first and drain extra water, and you also may want to add the seasoning by the spoonful to make sure it’s the right strength
  • Use too much salt or soup stock
  • Use noodles that take more than a couple minutes to cook




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