Growing my own herbs


Cost: $2++ per plant
Success: 3/5 with the potential to be 5/5


My frustration with buying herbs is that they cost about $1 – $2 a bundle, and they wilt before I can use them up.  I started growing my own because it’s pretty awesome to have a constant supply of fresh herbs.

It’s not that hard, but it’s taken me a while to figure out each herb’s preferences. Some like sun and some don’t. Some don’t mind a bit of snow, and others wilt quickly if they’re outside on a cold night.

Richmond (BC) has a temperate climate. It hardly ever gets below -5 C, and there is plenty of rain during the winter. Half of the city is designated as agricultural land, so it must be a good place to grow things.

These are the herbs I’ve grown outside so far. One day I’ll work on an indoor herb garden.

Still alive:

It grows quickly and can survive through winter without wilting.

Oregano (shown below)
It has flimsy little leaves, but it’s surprisingly hardy. The leaves wilted and died during the cold snap some weeks ago, but new ones started quickly reappearing once I brought it inside.

Lavender (shown above)
Lavender is a herb too. Wikipedia told me so. It has long thick leaves similar to rosemary, so it can live comfortably outside during the winter.

I didn’t even have to plant it and it took over the garden last summer. I hear mint does this too.


I really love dill, but it doesn’t love me back. It seems like there is an optimal time to pick dill, and after that it gets overgrown and stalky. It has to be replanted each year.

Cilantro, basil (cilantro shown below)
I was excited to find cilantro and basil plants on sale at the farm market. A couple weeks later they died because I forgot  to take them in during a cold snap. I don’t think they’ll be coming back. Basil is notoriously picky, so it would probably work much better indoors.

It grew great in summer. Next time I grow parsley, I’ll remember to bring it in over winter.

My chives never took off, but I haven’t given up. My Mom grows lost of them every year.

I’m sorry I left you out during that cold snap, oregano. I’m glad to see you’re coming back so quickly!

Oh, cilantro. It just wasn’t meant to be. I’m sorry.


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