Vinegar, my bitter friend


Cost: cheap
Success: 5/5

Vinegar is a little weird, because everyone has some in their cupboard but not everyone is sure why.

One of my favourite uses for vinegar is as a glass cleaner. It’s ridiculously easy. I make a mix of  about 10% vinegar and 90% water, with some drops of lemon oil to mask the vinegar stink. I put it in a spray bottle, shake it up, and clean away!  Sometimes I put vinegar right on the cleaning cloth to get rid of grease and fingerprints.

It works because it’s acidic and it breaks up the grease. It’s water-based, so it evaporates. I like to keep my mixture in a little bottle from a soap supply store. Plant sprayers work well too. If you add a citrus essential oil, be sure to shake it each time to distribute the oil. The citrus oil actually lends some of its own cleaning and disinfecting powers. The citrus smell stays around a little while after the vinegar has evaporated.

Come on… give ‘er a try!  (You can practice on my windows if you’d like.)


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