Scavenging at the library


Cost: Free
Success: 3/5 (the selection’s lame but the price is right!)

The other day after my boyfriend finished his volunteer shift, he showed me the carts of free books in the basement of the Bellingham library. There was a book by the author of Sex and the City, which was a book before it was a TV show. I took that one.

Sometimes libraries will give away old books, or sell them for low low prices. These books are not exactly the pick of the litter, but I’ve seen some decent ones.

The more obvious thing to do at the library would be to get a card and actually borrow books. It’s been on my list.


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  1. There’s lots of other free stuff at the library! Besides borrowing books, you can also borrow DVDs, music, magazines and ebooks, and just like they give away free books, they also have free magazines. Plus, independent groups often hold free events in the library– everything from tax and legal advice to writing critiques to Scottish country dancing.

      • Haha, okay, you got me. I also might be affiliated with one of those independent groups that holds free events at the library. 😉 Even so, there’s plenty of free things to do at or through the library!

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