Jen makes chicken fingers


Cost: About $6
Success: 2/5  (Taste was okay, price was high)

When I saw a recipe for honey mustard chicken fingers using only a few ingredients, I got pretty excited. The photo on the site shows golden brown chicken strips that look like they are saturated with the kind of flavour that makes my tastebuds sing and my arteries weep.

I was eager to get home and make some of my own.  Really eager. I spent a good part of the day thinking about sinking my teeth into each crunchy morsel.

I got out two fresh chicken breasts ($5.66) and my other ingredients. I followed the instructions. I made the sauce. I baked the chicken strips.

The dipping sauce was delicious. The chicken strips… not so much. The mayonnaise made them very tender, but despite that they were devoid of any character. I had to souse them with dipping sauce.

And what did these lifeless and bland chicken strips cost me? The same as they would have at a fast food place!


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