Roasting garlic


Cost: Under a dollar
Success: 5/5

One day while walking along Fraser street, I passed $3 bags of garlic at one of the independent grocery stores. At first I walked past, but I couldn’t get the giant bags of cheap garlic out of my mind.

I gave about half of it away to co-workers and friends, and I was still left with more garlic than I knew what to do with.

I decided to roast some. It was really easy, inexpensive, and had gourmet results.

I put a bunch of garlic in a bakeware dish and filled it up with oil. I added some rosemary, oregano and lavender (hey, why not?)

I quickly discovered that the oil boils over – aaak! I turned off the oven, cleaned every last bit of oil that had dripped onto the element, and tried again with a pie pan underneath.

At first I covered the dish with tinfoil, and I took it off near the end. I think I cooked it for 30 minutes on 350 Fahrenheit. It may have taken longer. When the insides are squishy, it’s done. It will look like this:

Once it cooled down, I put it into a glass jar along with the oil. Whenever I need some roasted garlic, I poke one out with a toothpick. It’s so soft that I don’t need to chop it up or put it through the garlic press.


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  1. Indeed! How did the lavender alter the flavour? I love garlic. We eat a whole jars worth of freshly pressed garlic a week. We have it in almost everything. Might need to start infusing oil like this – looks great. Thanks for the great post.

    • It blended together with the other herbs and gave the garlic a stronger smell, which is hard to describe. I think my plant is a French Lavender. I used some of the leaves, which almost smell more like tea trea oil than they do like lavender essential oil.

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