Homemade instant lunches: recipe rip-off edition


Cost: Less than a dollar per serving
Success: 2/5

So I thought it would be pretty easy to rip off a recipe from a package of store-bought instant noodles.

For some weeks now, I’ve been trying to figure out how to dry soy sauce. I’ve tried baking it at a low heat to evaporate the moisture (fail), mixing it with flour and drying it (big cakey fail), mixing it with cane sugar and putting it in the oven to dry (molasses!) and finally I just mixed it with some packets of cane sugar (thank you, Starbucks!) and let it air dry. It sort of worked, I guess. I added some quick dissolve flour to keep it from being a big sticky mess.

I also roasted my own peanuts, with fairly unsuccessful results. I burnt them more than I roasted them.

I had most of the ingredients that are used in the Thai Kitchen noodle mix, minus the yeast and silicon dioxide. (Isn’t silicon dioxide the stuff that comes in packets that say ‘do not eat’?? ) I guessed the quantities. I was a little heavy on the cinnamon and cumin, and low on the soysauce. It was quite bland.

I’ll give it another try one day.


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