Party platter stir-fry


Cost: $1.50 for the chicken breast
Success: 3/5

I’ve been bad… lazy and not proactive.  Since cleaning the house and hosting two housewarming parties, I’ve been mostly laying around, sleeping, eating chocolate and watching tv.

After my housewarming parties (one on Saturday and a smaller one on Sunday for people from my church), I was left with some limp vegetables and hard-edged cheese. I was considering boiling and blending it all into a soup, but I decided the vegetables were intact enough to stir-fry with one of the chicken breasts I had defrosted for the party.

In theory this sounds like a great idea, because I eat a lot of fried vegetables anyway. In practice, it was a weird combination, and the cheese I smothered it with could not hide its sins. Next time I may just turn it into soup, or sauce the heck out of it.

I have more money-savin’ stuff to write about from my housewarming*, but now I’m going to lay around… and watch some TV. Maybe with chocolate.

*SPOILER: Housewarming parties are not cheap!


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