Ambitious chicken parmesan


Cost: About $3, but most ingredients were left over from housewarming party
Success: 4/5

A week after my housewarming party, my fridge is still full of food. There are vegetables that I didn’t use in the vegetable platter, old bread, stale crackers, slices of cheese and sausage, and some other stuff. I was excited to find leftover coffee cream this morning. The vegetables are all still looking pretty healthy, but the bread and crackers are getting staler by the day.

Usually I either fry a bunch of vegetables together with a bit of onion and butter, or roast them and grind them into a soup. I wanted to be a little more creative today, so I made chicken parmesan.

I remembered a bit of wisdom from my Mom, that old bread is ideal for croutons and breadcrumbs. I took out four slices and put them into a baking pan. I took two half-peppers and put a bit of oil on them, and roasted them with some tiny tomatoes.

While they were roasting, I took a chicken breast out of the freezer. I had it defrosted in the fridge during the housewarming, but I didn’t use it so I stuck it back in the freezer. I was a little leery about the food safety of a twice-defrosted chicken breast, but it’s been four hours and I haven’t dropped yet.

Later I put an onion on the baking sheet to soften it up a bit.

I mixed the roasted vegetables into a puree. I added salt and pepper, and basil, cilantro, oregano, lavender and rosemary from my herb pots around the house and garden.

(I love my Cuisinart wand mixing thingie!!!)

I took the bread out periodically and squished it with a big flat knife. There is probably a better way to do it.  I cut the chicken breast into smaller pieces, and coated them in egg and bread crumbs. Baking would have given me more predictable results, but after over an hour of chopping and crushing and blending I was going to go for full flavour, so I fried the chick’n in oil. Mmm.

Once the chicken was done, I sprinkled parmesan over it generously, and spooned some of my pepper and tomato sauce on top.

I had been waiting about an hour from the guys from the Brick to deliver my loveseat, and I was sure they would come as soon as I started frying the chicken. They still hadn’t come by the time I sat down to eat, and I thought for sure they would show up right as I was lifting an oily morsel into my mouth. They didn’t, and I got to enjoy my meal uninterrupted.

The sauce was off.. the tomatoes were quite bitter. The chicken was delicious though!


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