Dips on the cheap


Cost: varies
Success: 5/5

If there is one thing I learned from making those really lame chicken fingers some weeks ago, it’s that dipping sauces are ridiculously easy to make. Memorize this cheat sheet.

Dipping sauce formula
Mayonnaise + flavour

Chip dip formula
Sour cream + mayonnaise + flavour

For the chicken nuggets I served at my housewarming, I mixed mayonnaise, honey mustard sauce and pepper together. It took 30 seconds and it tasted amazing.

For the vegetables, I made two dips, including one that was made of sour cream, mayonnaise, a dash of curry, and pear ginger chutney. It was a loose adaptation of this recipe. When mayonnaise and curry get together, something happens that is just too amazing to describe.

The advantage to this, besides the total creative control, is that you can mix as little as you need with ingredients you already have. It’s cheaper, and there are fewer preservatives.


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