Cost: Free (with old bread and crackers)
Success: 4/5

During my housewarming party, I was in such a rush to get the food out that I shoved the crackers back into their boxes without closing the bags properly. A week later I realized this, and now the crackers are stale.

But that’s fine, because they were in the perfect condition for making bread crumbs!

I put some bread and several crackers in a pie tray, mostly because my baking trays were in use. I took the bread out once in a while and squished it flat with a cleaver. If there is any moisture left in the bread, it squishes flat without making many crumbs.

It’s a delicate balance, because the bread will also burn if it’s in there too long. Baking it takes away most of the stale taste.

The crumbs made from bread turned out quite well, and I used most of them in my chicken parmesan.

The crackers were not quite as successful. I had them in for about 10 minutes at 425 degrees, and some of them burnt and got that funny smell. I broke off the dark parts, and squished them anyway. They’re sitting in a Saskatchewan Tupperware container in my cupboard.

Full of promise:

Ah, crap. They’re burnt already:


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