Hey look, I’m still around!


I’m still around, still being pretty thrifty.

Today is exactly 3 years since I started my mortgage. Buying my townhouse is still one of my proudest accomplishments.

After the first few months of my mortgage, I got a better idea of what I could handle financially and I was no longer freaking out. In May of 2012 when I was about to turn 30, I decided to upgrade my camera and get my first professional-quality lens. It was a big “screw this!” to turning 30, but also a protest against letting money control me to the extent it had. Since then I’ve gotten even more into photography. It’s definitely not a hobby ‘on the cheap’, but maybe one day I’ll earn money with it.

I also adopted a cat! I started fostering cats two years ago. At the time I was still getting over the death of my cat, Schnurri. It was a perfect solution for me – cat love without cat commitment or expenses. I’ll write more about that another day.

Here is Teddy, hepped up on catnip.


Lately my car is the reason I can’t have nice things. I had a big scare just before Christmas when my battery light went on once again. The battery had already been replaced and the alternator had been repaired, so the meant it was an issue (i$$ue?) with the car’s computer. I snapped right back into Cheapass mode and started looking at things in the same way I had just after I bought my townhouse – carefully evaluating every purchase and expense. I forgot how oddly empowering it was.

Thankfully my mechanic found a much less expensive fix that bypasses the computer, so I’m not in the same state of financial crisis. Still, being thriftier again is probably a good idea.


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