Homemade instant lunches 2.0


cost: varies
Success: 5/5

A couple years ago I started making my own instant lunches with mixed success. I gave up after a while.

My issues:

  • Flavour really didn’t have oomph
  • Noodles were starchy and gross
  • Freeze-dried vegetables are lame
  • No proteins – not filling

The good thing about the Internet is that there is always someone who’s found a solution to any problem I may have. A few months ago a friend shared a link to Make Your Own Just-Add-Hot-Water Instant Noodles which was inspired by a method found in this cookbook. At first I didn’t like the idea of my vegetables touching my noodles in the fridge because I have a thing with flavour seepage, but I got over myself.

I’ve used the Serious Eats method for two weeks now, and I’ve had success every time.

First, it’s important to use a good base, and Better than Boullion Bullion Bouillon really gives a robust flavour that I haven’t come across in any other flavour bases [I’ve given up on spelling the b-word].

Real vegetables also make a huge difference, and frozen vegetables are super cheap. Much less than freeze-dried ones.

The noodle choice is also a big deal. I’ve tried vermicelli and pre-cooked noodles. Pre-cooked chow mein noodles work well, but they expire quickly.  Vermicelli is great, but not as hearty.

And the meat! I’ve tried beef jerky and cooked shrimp so far. Both have been delicious. This is the most expensive part, so in the future I may try chickpeas as a protein.

Some carry-overs from my previous method:

  • Bean flakes are great for flavour and protein
  • I prefer coconut milk powder to coconut milk because it’s dry
  • My mom’s dried herbs make things extra-tasty and extra fresh
  • Cheeses – especially Parmesan – keep well and add a lot of flavour

No photo today, but there are some very pretty if you follow the link above.


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