Monthly Archives: July 2015

Broiling my troubles away


Cost: electricity
Success: 4.5/5

Does the broil function really get the love it deserves?

I still haven’t replaced my microwave, and I think I can hold off for a while. In the meantime I’m figuring out creative ways to warm stuff up.

One thing that’s been right under my nose the whole time is the broil function on my oven. I never really gave it a second thought until I realized it makes a pretty good replacement for a toaster oven. I’ve toasted some very tasty scones and crumpets with butter so far. So much tastier than the soggy versions that would have come out of the microwave.


The surprising liberation of being broke


For almost a month I’ve been on a spending freeze, meaning I’ve stopped buying (almost) anything unnecessary. I had two big bills within 2 weeks of each other and now I’m trying to minimize the amount I carry over on my credit card. I’ve never had so little money in the bank.

I’ve discovered a surprising perk to being broke – I no longer feel guilty about not spending my money! I can walk into a store without feeling the pressure to buy something. I don’t care about coming off as cheap. I don’t feel pressured to spend a lot on presents. Yesterday I got a call from a charity, and I could honestly say I couldn’t afford to donate. It felt great. 😉