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Clothing swaps


Cost: Free
Success: 5/5

Clothing swaps make perfect economic sense. Let’s say you have a pile of unwanted clothes that you paid about $300 for.  Some are too small, and others make you look kind of funny. Instead of getting rid of them… wouldn’t it be nice to trade them for roughly $300 of clothes that you like better? (Why do all of my posts sound like infomercials??)

That is what makes clothing swaps such an ingenious idea. A bunch of friends or coworkers get together, they bring the clothes they don’t want anymore, and they paw through other peoples’ stuff and take what they like. Everything that’s left over at the end goes to charity.

There was a clothing swap at my work last Thursday. I brought in a bag of my stuff, including a really nice dress that made my arms look like tree trunks (see right, observe head:arm ratio), tops that made me look weirdly disproportional, and other clothes that didn’t quite fit right. There were about 20 of us in different ages and sizes. I circled the room several times and picked about 15 different things from shorts to a trenchcoat that would serve any flasher well.

Most of the stuff was in good shape. Some things had gross body oil stains, so I steered clear of those. It’s a good opportunity to try styles that are a little more adventurous.If it doesn’t work you can just bring it back to the next swap!