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Dryer sheets? Pfft!


Cost: Free (if you have unused moisturizer) to cheap
Success: 5/5

The first some times I used my dryer, my clothes and towels were charged with static. This was never a problem in my old dryer because it was one of the slow portable ones that vents the steam into the air. I will probably never use one of those again, because they let lots of water into the air, and need to be extremely well-ventilated.  (I figure it’s about a litre judging by how much lighter the clothes are when they’re dry, with 1L of water weighing 1kg. )

I didn’t want to buy dryer sheets or dryer balls, and I figured there must be some super ghetto way to make my own. And of course there is!

One website recommended using a small sheet of fabric coated in conditioner.  I tried that, and it worked, but it used up valuable conditioner.  A ha, I thought, I have a whole bunch of body lotions I don’t use! 

I took two scraps of fabric from when I veloured up my chairs, and dug up some Bath and Body Works moisturizer that I got 4 years ago but don’t use. Over the years I’ve collected a lot of moisturizers and body lotions, either because I get them as presents or because liked the smell and later remembered I don’t use lotion. In the case of this tropical passionfruit lotion, I went on a wild binge at the Mall of America during boxing week when my boyfriend and I were passing through Minneapolis (I say it like it’s a regular thing we do), and later could hardly breathe because they set off my asthma.

I put in two scraps of fabric saturated in moisturizer, and it reduced the static to almost nothing, and left my clothes smelling Tropical Passionfruit Fresh™. It seems like the moisturizer is spread across enough clothes that it doesn’t set off my allergies, but it leaves a light scent. So it works almost identically to dryer sheets, and it cost me nuthin’!

I knocked off half a success point because it leaves me a bit of static. Maybe I could eliminate it totally by putting in three of four ghetto dryer sheets next time.

Update: I’ve upped the rating to 5/5!  I just dried some bedding with a whole bunch of moisturizer, and it was totally static-free.