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Cost: Less than half as much as as bottled spices
Success: 5/5

Earlier today I used up the last of curry powder making some tasty honey curry chicken. For something disposable, I’m really impressed with how well spice bottles are made. The bottles are glass, and the caps easily twist off. You can refill them without any effort.

Bags of spices are much cheaper than bottles of spices, so it makes perfect sense to buy bags and refill my bottles as needed. I’m not a spice connoisseur. Maybe bags of spices don’t keep the flavour like bottles do. Maybe No Name Brand spices from Superstore are not as good as brands with ‘gourmet’ in the name. All I know is that I’m blissfully unaware if there is a difference in taste.

I have two more containers of curry, so I wanted to clean the container and use it for nutmeg instead. I filled a tall Saskatchewan tupperware container with water and heated it up in the microwave.

I put baking soda at the bottom of the spice bottle to neutralize the smell. Unlike plastic, glass is non-porous, so smells can be washed out. I put the spice bottle inside the warm water.

I let it sit there for about half an hour, then scrubbed off the label and rinsed out the baking soda. I stuck it on the windowsill to dry, then poured the nutmeg on in!